Affiliate Program

  • What is an affiliate?
  • An affiliate is any website that links to CreativeMinds by way of creative banner or text link. CreativeMinds affiliates must have a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing website that is frequently visited.

  • Cost
  • It is completely free to join the CreativeMinds Affiliate Network and completely free to earn money linking your site to the Robert Francis Art studio. Company - All you have to do is E-mail the studio with your website address and the web page where you are going to place the link.

  • Profitable
  • With our high converting banners and text links your traffic will become dollars in your pocket. Just send us sales and we will pay you 15% commission on all orders, at no cost to you! Our average affiliate order is $45.00

CreativeMinds Offers:

  • Brand recognition
  • For over 10 years CreativeMinds has been a leader in the direct sales of value-priced personalised woodcarvings and gifts. CreativeMinds is a known and trusted resource on Yahoo shopping and Ebay.

  • Customer service
  • Products
  • CreativeMinds is always unveiling new products in order to better serve our customers! Our affiliates enjoy promoting our crafts and personalized woodcarvings.

  • Pricing
  • CreativeMinds prides itself on our value-priced quality products available in a variety of quantities. This value pricing lends to high conversion rates for our affiliates!

Learn More About:

  • Link Tracking
  • All links, clicks and sales reporting is tracked by the Yahoo store Network. This Network provides advanced technology solutions for affiliate and merchant relations. For questions about the the Yahoo StoreNetwork, please contact CreativeMinds at Affiliate @ Creaticeminds.

  • Site Requirements
  • We ask that when applying to our affiliate program your site be fully functional, aesthetically pleasing, post politically and socially neutral content, as well as contain no pornographic or illegal material. Having healthy traffic volumes is also something we look for in an affiliate. It must be apparent where CreativeMinds will be posted on the site

  • Special rules and regulations
  • We do not allow our affiliates to bid on our brand name or any variations of our brand name on search engines. Also it is prohibited for an affiliate to post a catalog or email coupon code on their site.

    Residents of the state of New York (including persons or businesses with a location in New York, incorporated or organized under the laws of New York, or doing business in New York) are not eligible to be affiliates.